BC Winter Games were a big success!


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A note from BC Diving President….

I had the privelage to attend the first day of diving competition at the Kamloops 2018 BC Winter Games and I was really impressed with the athletes and the coaches in attendance.  The compete level was very high.One of the interesting moments for me was when an athlete scored ones and two’s on her dive. It was a difficult twisting dive and clearly a new dive for this athlete and the cheers came when it received a score rather than being ruled a failed or incomplete dive.  Team mates and competitors all cheered for her in celebration of the accomplishment.  Clearly something very tangible to take away from the competition.In diving it is hard to say whether or not the BC Winter Games will be a springboard to future success in the sport especially with the changes in the selection and eligibility criteria – but to earn the right to compete at a multi sport event is awesome and something these athletes will always remember.  Make no mistake the BC Games is significant undertaking and a great experience for the athletes.I was also very impressed with the Judges who put in their time in not only judging the event but in talking with the athletes and their parents and all of the coaches who coached ‘as a community’ helping all of the athletes not just the ones in their charge (and for sleeping in classrooms on little rubber mats while looking out for the kids while away from the pool).  A big thank you to them and to Jayne and Lisa, our staff at BC Diving, and to Marie Pierre, my fellow board member, for her assistance in the meet management and also to former board member Diane Atkinson of Kamloops who was the BC Winter Games Sport Chair for the event and to all others who made their contributions to the event.

“Thank you judges, thank you coaches, thank you athletes, thank you parents and thank you to all of the hard-working volunteers that make these events happen.”

Rodd McCormick

President, BC Diving Association

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