C and D Divers Rip it up at Junior Development Nationals!


Bryden Hattie                   1m -3rd  3m -3rd Platform -2nd     *** 1 Silver and 2 Bronze***
Ben Smyth                          1m -3rd  3m -3rd Platform -2nd     *** 1 Silver and 2 Bronze***
Alison Komlos                   1m -5th  3m -11th
Carson Paul                       1m -4th  3m -13th Platform -7th
Sadie Howard                   1m -7th  3m -10th
Alen Fazlagic                    1m -17th  3m -9th  Platform -9th
Talitha Tarr                      1m -16th  3m -12th  Platform -11th
Tanesha Lucoe                 1m -26th  3m -18th Platform -13th
Morgan Delgarno           1m -14th  3m -17th
Jessie Nowotny               1m -15th  3m -24th
Joshua Carmena            1m-16th  3m -17th
Veronica Fong                1m -20th  3m -19th
Makayla Mackinnon     1m -21st  3m -19th
Maggie Osieja                 1m -24th
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