Canada Games 2013


Highlights from Canada Games:
~Courtney Hattie Gold on 3m,  Bronze on 1m and Bronze in Synchro.
~Madeline Wainman Bronze in Synchro, 9th on tower, 10th on 3m
~Caroline McFarlane 8th in Synchro, 8th on 1m and 11th on tower.
~Carlyn McNeely 8th in Synchro and 11th on 3m
~Aidan Faminoff 7th in Synchro, 8th on tower, 10th on 3m, and 12th on 1m
~Patrick Heaney 7th in Synchro, 11th on 1m and 12th on 3m
~Isaiah Brasset 8th in Synchro, 11th on tower
~Sam Braun 8th in Synchro, 10th on tower
Special Thanks to coaches Grant Brehaut, Jason Earthy, and Jayne McDonald!
Canada Games Team
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