Junior Development Nationals! Great results!


Fantastic weekend for BC divers! Special congrats to Carson for making the Canadian Pan Am team!

Here is a recap of results:

Junior Nationals:
Carson 1st 3m, 2nd on 1m and platform
Cole 8th 3m, 3rd on platform, 9th on 1m
Veronica 4th 1m and platform 9th 3m
Ben 5th 3m, 7th platform, and 10th 1m
Morgan 6th 3m 9th1m
Maggie 6th 3m10th 1m
Paige 11th 3m12th 1m
Madeline 13th 1m
Alen 15th 3m 16th 1m 18th platform
Sadie 16th 1m 16th 3m
Toby 18th 1m 20th 3m

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