Junior Elite Nationals

Junior Elite Nationals were held in Thunder Bay July 12-14
Our Junior Elite Divers just returned from Thunder Bay for the Nationals for the B and A group divers.  Travelling from BC were:

Boardworks – Courtney Hattie, Emily Schmidt, Shaye Tudor, Isaiah Brasset and Aidan Faminoff.White Rock – Carolyn

MacFarlane, Carlyn McNeely, Madeline Wainman, Tavia Waiz

FraserValley – Kurt Breure

iDive – Sam Braun, Nina Lazar
This was a great effort by all divers.
The outstanding performances were

Courtney Hattie – 1m – 7th, 3m – 3rd, Tower – 2nd
Emily Schmidt – 1m – 3rd, 3m – 3rd Tower – 4th
Aidan Faminoff – 1m – 4th Tower 6th
Isaiah Brasset – 1m – 12th, 3m – 8th, tower – 7th
Carolyn MacFarlane – 3m – 10th, tower – 12th
Madeline Wainman – 1m 10th
Carlyn McNeely – 1m – 8th
Sam Braun and Kurt Breure 3m Men’s Synchro -6th
Carolyn MacFarlane & Madeline Wainman 3m Women’s Synchro -5th
Courtney Hattie and Emily Schmidt 3m Women’s Synchro -9th
Nina Lazar and Carlyn McNeely 3m Women’s Synchro -10th
Full results are HERE

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