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Interpodia is excited to announce our new strategic partnership with the British Columbia Diving Association (BC Diving). Our collaborative relationship will provide the organization and it’s affiliated clubs with an improved digital experience for members, a simplified registration process and convenient tools for the mitigation of risk and streamlining

With COVID still at the forefront of everyone’s minds, safety compliance is more important than ever. Interpodia’s covid-concious technologies will ensure that activities are carried out in a risk-reducing manner allowing to focus on BC Diving’s tenants of respect, safe diving, and a zero-tolerance for bullying and discrimination.

What This Means for Athletes, Clubs and Instructors

Updates to BC Diving’s systems will provide a digital framework that facilitates membership signups and provides secure registrations. Club executives will see reduced time for member management, reporting and financial processes, and members will see an improved user experience.

Improved Member and Registrant Experience

Club and program registration will be easier than ever allowing members to join their club, register for programs, and renew their BC Diving annual membership all at the same time. The system will continue to provide superior services to members beyond registration; with tools that capture and track team members’ roles and involvement and handle upgrades and renewals.

Club Integration

Clubs will have the option to use an online registration process that integrates their club registration and the membership for BC Diving. Allowing members to register directly with the club and BC Diving at the same time while reducing risk and enhancing processes. Clubs who are not able to use the integrated registration system will be provided with offline registration and upload tools that still handle the BC Diving waivers and releases at the athlete and parent level. 

Safe Handling of Data

The safe handling of data is an ongoing issue for sports organizations. The BC Diving/ Interpodia partnership will reduce the risk around data handling by improving data capture timeliness and accuracy. It will provide solutions for improved management of the PSTO specific data structure and synchronize it with Diving Canada’s data structure. The new systems will also tackle safety issues regarding waiver capture and the screening and tracking of coaches and officials. 

Reducing Risk around Data Handling & Waiver Capture

A collaborative effort between BC Diving executive director Jayne McDonald and Interpodia will be made to concentrate on implementing an improved digital waiver/agreement process that handles registrations of third parties as well as the digital agreements from the parents and guardians of athletes. 

Improve the Screening and Tracking of Coaches and Officials

The new system will also provide benefits for coaches, instructors and A coach registration process with self-management features for coaches and instructors and functions to support the approval and management of screening, certification and education records at a provincial and national level will be available. 

Looking to the Future

With this new partnership, Interpodia and BC Diving will jointly serve the province’s diving athletes of the present and future. BC Diving will benefit from Interpodia’s continual dedication to offering innovative services to partners, as well as integrations with direct pay merchants and background check systems. The result is a marriage of automation, safe sports tools, and efficient membership management. 

“It is very exciting to have BC Diving join the Interpodia family, we look forward to collaborating with their team and providing athletes with the simplest and most secure registration experience, whilst providing clubs and teams with comprehensive risk management tools.” 

Phil Mowatt, CEO of Interpodia Technology

“BC Diving is very excited to join the Interpodia family, and look forward to providing our members a more efficient and secure method to register for membership and events.  We hope that our member clubs will also consider signing up with Interpodia to make their registration process more streamline and efficient for all their constantly changing needs.”

Jayne McDonald, BC Diving, Executive Director

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