Recreation diving is for divers who would like to continue working on the skills but not compete. You will learn strong basic skills to allow you to progress through the levels of diving. Focus is on fun and safe diving.


Once you move past the basic skills, you are ready to compete at a provincial level. The 5 dives you will learn are:

  • Front
  • Back
  • Reverse
  • Inward
  • Twisting

At Novice, you will have a partial “list” of these dives – you can perform some but not all of them. You will compete against other athletes of the same age group, and will probably train 3-10 hours per week.  BC Diving offers several competitions a year for divers at this level.  There is also a Novice Canadian National Championships for divers.

Masters Diving

Masters Diving is a welcoming community made up of a fun group of people who love the sport of diving. And to break some possible perceptions, we are not all past Olympians, or NCAA champions. Some of us had our best years competing in high school and college diving, yet we let ourselves slip away from the sport we love because life got in the way.
As we’re aging, many of us are realizing that it is not difficult to reclaim the feelings of youth and vitality associated our dusty diving memories. Come give it a try. It’s much healthier option than riding an inactive couch as a spectator.
And I’ll also provide you a CAUTION: If you do decide to join us…. Masters Diving is addictive!

For a masters program near you call BC Diving

Masters Rules

Master age group categories