BC Club Coaches

Provincial Team Coaches

Head Coach – Tommy McLeod

Coaches – Lisa Boog, Jorge Betancourt, Igore Kopecky, Jose Palma, Yan Yang and Greg Cox

Club Coaches


Head Coach – Tommy McLeod

Coaches – Lisa Boog and Jorge Betancourt

Fraser Valley Diving Club

Coaches – Julia Reinhard, Paige Bush, Tanya Lawson, and Cam Gibbons

North Shore Dolphins Dive Club

Head Coach – Jerry

Coaches –

Kamloops Gymnastics and Diving

Coaches – Neil Barrett

Kelowna Springboard Diving Club

Coach – Christina Unger

White Rock Divers

Head Coach – Igore Kopecky

Coaches – Tori

iDive Vancouver

Head Coach – Yan Yang and Charlie

Coaches -Lydia Bellis and Sam Braun

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