Junior Elite Nationals! Great results!

Fantastic weekend for BC divers! Special congrats to Aidan and Ryan for making the Canadian Pan Am team!

Here is a recap of results:

Aidan Faminoff: Gold on platform, Silver on 3m synchro, 4th on 1m, and 5th on 3m
Ryan Grover: Gold on 1m, Silver on 3m synchro and 3rd on 3m
Bryden Hattie: 4th on platform, 5th 1m, 10th on 3m
Carolyn MacFarlane: 5th on 10m, 8th 3m Synchro, 9th on 1m
Nina Lazar 5th 3m synchro, 8th on 1m, and 11th on 3m
Kaelyn Burgess: 5th 3m synchro
Tavia Waiz:6th on 3m synchro
Carlyn McNeely: 6th on 3m synchro, 8th on 3m
Nick Nepomuchino: 8th on platform, 8th 1m
Jessie Nowotny: 8th 3m synchro
Coral Strugnell: 11th on 1m
Tanesha Lucoe: 18th in 3m prelims